Introducing Keys.

A DJ and Producer’s Dream. Keys is the first music keyboard and MIDI controller that's completely modular, linking together through magnetic technology.

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Keys is modular.

You can expand to a full sized keyboard in seconds - without cords - by simply magnetically linking multiple Keys together, and easily breakdown to pack Keys away in your backpack.

With 8 hours of battery life you can take Keys anywhere and get nearly a full day of playing.

Take Keys anywhere.

Keys is built to be compact, travel friendly and durable. We use plastic reinforced with PCB and built Keys on top of a solid metal baseplate to add durability and rigidity.

And, at only one pound it's light enough to bring anywhere.

Works with your favorite apps.

Keys is also fully USB-MIDI compliant and works with iOS and Android devices, along with hundreds of apps such as GarageBand, Ableton, and more, so you can plug in and get set up quickly and easily.

Full scale keys.

From the stunning illuminated keys to full scale key width, spacing, feel, and velocity sensors, every aspect of Keys was carefully considered by our creative and engineering team.

You’ve never seen this in a keyboard.

Keys is equipped with next-generation gesture recognition technology so you can adjust octaves and control tones just by waving your hand above the keyboard.

Learn new songs, impress your friends.

Keys is powered by Opho, a novel cloud based music platform. With Opho, there's no limit to what you can do with Keys.



how to play a new song.



and create new music with friends.



and distribute the music you produce.

Opho powers all of the Keys apps, as well as new ones yet to come.

From novice to pro

  • I would get a couple of these. Bring one on the plane, and couple more for the hotel room.

    -- Mike Schmid Keyboardist; Miley Cyrus
    Mike Schmid
  • I really like the idea of the keys lighting up, it’s really intuitive for people that are just starting.

    -- Drew Houston Founder and CEO; DropBox
    Drew Houston
  • What I like most is the proximity sensor. It gives visibility to the audience about what the performer is doing.

    -- Jack Conte Pomplamoose, Founder and CEO; Patreon
    Jack Conte
  • I’m going to buy one, easily, no doubt about it, I’m excited.

    -- J Sider Founder and CEO; Bandpage
    J Sider
  • I would bring this on tour, and use this live when I’m traveling. It’s got a good feel, it’s cool

    -- Jeff Kite Keyboardist; Julian Casablancas and The Voidz
    Jeff Kite

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 20 mm x 320 mm x 106 mm  (approx. 0.78" x 12.59" x 4.18")
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Materials: Plastic reinforced with PCB (fiberglass) keys connected to a metal baseplate to add durability and rigidity.
  • Octaves: 24 keys (2 octaves) (use gestures to transpose up or down)
  • Gesture sensors: Sensitive proximity sensors that are capable of recognizing gestures or can be used to modulate parameters like pitch, sustain, or mapped midi parameters
  • Processor: Texas Instruments 80Mhz ARM Cortext M4F
  • Output: Mini USB -- charges Keys and can be used as a USB-MIDI connection
  • Power:Rechargeable LiPo Battery with 8 hour battery life
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
  • Device / OS Compatibility: USB-MIDI compatible with CoreMIDI on iOS, Mac, PC, and Android. Connect quickly and easily to your computer via Mini USB or iPhone using the optional dock.
*Final specs subject to change.

The Team

Opho was founded by Idan Beck as Incident in 2010, originally launching the gTar in a widely successful crowdfunding campaign in 2012. After successfully developing, manufacturing and shipping thousands of gTars, Incident became Opho with a focus on an internet of music, and started to develop Keys in 2013.

Immunity Project

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Immunity Project. Immunity Project is a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing a free HIV vaccine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

  • Keys Keyboard
  • 2 Free iOS Apps
  • 20 Free Songs (iOS only)
  • USB-MIDI Cable / Charger
  • Quick Start Guide

Optional add-ons: iPhone or Android Dock

When will Keys ship?
Shipping is anticipated in Summer 2015 (by August).

Will Keys work outside of the USA?
Keys is a USB-MIDI compliant device and will operate with an iOS or personal computing device running a variety of applications that are not dependent on location. The apps may or may not be localized, however.

Which devices are compatible with Keys?
USB-MIDI Compatible with CoreMIDI on iOS, Mac, PC, and Android. At ship date, Keys Play and Learn apps will be available for iOS and can be connected to Keys via optional iPhone dock. Future versions of the app will be made for Android, and docks will be made available for iPad, Android and others.

I ordered already, but I want to add on a dock/international shipping. How do I do that?
No worries, just purchase the International Shipping or iPhone / Android Dock perks on our Indiegogo campaign.

Do I need to purchase separate music files to use the songs that come with the Kit?
The songs you receive with your Indiegogo perk are in the Keys iOS app and are linked to your account. They can be used with any application that supports the Opho platform, like Keys Play and Learn. No external files needed!

What if I want to learn additional songs in the Keys apps?
The Keys apps have an in-app store where you can search for the song you want to purchase. Once purchased, the song is added to your account and will be available within the Keys app ecosystem. Each song is just $0.99 and public domain content will be free.

Can you tell me more about the key feel? I want the authentic feel of a high-quality keyboard.
We know the importance of key feel. The lacking key feel on many other small form factor keyboard controllers was the motivation for the design of Keys! Our team carefully scrutinized every feature on Keys to ensure they meets the standards of professional musicians. We’ve received votes of approval from the likes of DJ Revolvr, Mike Schmid, J Sider, and Jeff Kite to name a few.

What educational apps can I use with Keys?
At the ship date, two official Keys iOS apps will be available: Play and Learn. The learn app is focused on learning using bite-sized lessons, similar to duolingo in format. The content is oriented around things like learning scales and chords, or simple songs. The Play app is more focused on learning and practicing to play songs. The Play app allows you to play a song note for note, or against a tempo to test yourself. Play will also tell you how well you’re doing with metrics and analysis.

Will Keys work with Android devices? Is there an Android app?
Keys works with any smartphone using a Keys smartphone dock. Both iPhone and Android docks are currently available with more to come.

Note the Keys Learn and Play apps will only be supported on iOS when we ship this summer, but Keys works with any MIDI-compatible app for Android, so you can play using over 150 available apps right away.

Is there an Android dock?
Yes, there is. It will look just like the iPhone dock, but will have a microUSB connection for your Android phone.

Does Keys work with iPads?
Yes, it does. We’ll be announcing the iPad dock soon.

How do I connect Keys to my phone and apps?
Keys connects to an iPhone and Android through the use of a magnetically attached Dock module. This is the same magnetic link technology that allows Keys to link with other Keys Keyboards or devices. Once docked, the Keys keyboard can be used to interact with any apps running on the iPhone connected through the dock. Future docks will be made available for iPad, Android and others.

How do I connect Keys to my computer and apps?
Keys can be directly connected to a PC using the USB connection through the provided USB cable. Keys is a fully USB-MIDI compliant device, so any application running on your computer that supports MIDI will be able to detect it through your respective operating system capabilities. Once connected, a compliant app will be able to detect it immediately when you run the application.

How do I enable the gesture sensors?
The Keys gesture sensors are always on by default. You can use a “clap” gesture to lock the sensors, but this doesn’t turn them off - it only tells Keys to ignore them so that you can play Keys without having the gestures get in the way if that’s the intention. Another clap will then unlock the sensors.

Does Keys need to be plugged in at all times to work?
Keys has a built-in rechargeable LiPo Battery so you can use Keys without power source.

How long does the battery last?
Up to 8 hours.

How do I charge Keys?
Using the include mini USB cord, simply plug-in to your computer or USB wall charger.

Does Keys have an amplifier?
Keys does not have an amplifier but you can connect via mini USB cord to your phone or computer to hear Keys.

I’m a blogger or journalist, and want to write more about you’re doing. Who can I talk to?
Please contact us at .

I’m interested in buying Keys for retail distribution, who can I talk to?
Please contact us at .

Have more questions?
No problem! Give us a shout at 

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